What is my IP ? You Need to Know

what is my ip

what is my IP? how to find All Detailed Info

The Internet has become the world now, where we can get acquainted with millions of people without traveling, can talk to them, can also see them through video calls and photos.

And that too in just a few seconds, and on social media we get acquainted with how many strangers they are unaware of.

It has all been possible only from the Internet and many Internet Tools are responsible for the exchange of DATA to make this network of the Internet, one of which is   IP address.

if you are finding that what is my IP? About which I am going to tell you today is to come in simple words that-

IP Address

All the devices we have in which the Internet is running, all the devices have different IDs, which we call an IP address.

when we search for any information on the Internet from our mobile or computer, the Router receives the same IP address

. To send the data to, and then collect information and send it to the Internet Protocol address where it has been given the command.

IP Address 32 Bit is made of Binary Digit, which is very difficult to remember, hence it is simplified by dividing it into four parts, in every part, every part of the IP address can have numbers ranging from 0 to 255 digits Is, for example,

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IP address Format

It is made of 32 bits of Binary Digit, which is something like 100110101010100.100110101 which makes it difficult to remember, so it is divided into four parts by separating them into decimals and in each part 0 to 255 The number can be up to points. For example, – 

Due to being 32 bit, it has been limited, it can only have 4294967296 IP address, which is on the verge of ending.

So now the new IP Address System (IPv6) was developed which has been developed which is 128 bit which can create an unlimited IP address.

And something like this looks –  2102: db4: 0: 1134: 0: 367: 1: 2

what is my ip

IP Address Types

The IP address is mainly of two types which are described below –

  • Static IP Address
  • Dynamic IP Address

#1. Static IP Address

This IP address is Permanent Internet Address, so this IP Address never changes or changes.

#2. Dynamic IP Address

This IP address is the Temporary Internet Address, so its IP address changes all the time.

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IP Address Versions

So far there are only two versions of the IP address which are as follows –

  • IPv4 (Internet Protocol Address Version 4)
  • IPv6 (Internet Protocol Address Version 6)

IP Address Classes

There are 5 classes for the IP range in IPv4 address,

  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C
  • Class D
  • Class E

Of these 5 classes of IP address, only A, B, and C Class are commonly used. Each one class IP address allows for a valid range.

what is my IP

After knowing this, now you also have a question that what is my ip.

so check your Device IP Address follow these steps.

Step 1: First click on the Start Menu of your computer, and select Run or press Window + R.

what is my ip

Step 2: Now you will open a dialogue box in that box, type ‘cmd’ and click on the “Ok” button.

what is my ip

Step 3: Now type “IPconfig” in the box that will open a box in front of you, you will now have your IP address in front of you.

what is my ip

I did not see how easy it was to know the IP address is seen, it is a bit difficult to understand and a little harder to do but it is easier than we have yet another way that you can know your IP address but for that you have Must have the internet connection.

If you have an internet connection, then open Google Search directly and type in “What is My IP

Google will tell you your IP address in a few seconds, this process is the most simple and easy, but to get an IP address from this process you must have an internet connection.

Now you have got your IP address, now you can tell this process to your friends so that they also know their IP address.

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