What is Google Stadia ? The Future of Gaming ?

what is google stadia


Google’s hour-long pitch for cloud gaming at the 2019 Game Developers Conference marked the company’s intentions to improve and dominate the gaming industry.

Google Stadia – If it works as advertised-not less than staying away from the situation, then an end to the console box and the technical generations in the last 40 years have shaped.

Stadia promises massive changes in how games are played, bought, shared and developed. It solves technology problems like split-screen play and platform-agnostic sharing of game sessions.

It completely replaces the Internet into a video game store, as well as enriching YouTube’s live stream – Google’s own ecosystem.

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Google has finally announced that it is much-anticipated landing in the sports industry is called Stadia, which is obviously inspired by the collective appreciation of gaming skills.

The pitch is that Google’s technology benefits will bring players, developers, streamers, and viewers together, which appears in millions of connections to the global network of data centers.

In practice it means that I can click any link (including a YouTube video link) and play any video game – no matter how blind it is – within five seconds. I can play with my old laptop, my old pc, my smartphone, my tablet or TV connected to my internet.

I can jump between many devices, where my progress will always be saved. There is no hardware, except an optional controller that connects directly to the server (instead of a particular device) on Wi-Fi.


Google refuses to discuss its pricing plan. Interaction with publishers and other partners continues.

On the one hand, Google can go on a conservative path, and its service can be priced like a traditional steam-like online retailer. Or it can shoot for Moon with a monthly subscription fee like Netflix, which will be with its YouTube TV strategy.

However, this can be extremely expensive, and cannot be welcomed by sports companies. It is not clear how such a model will work in terms of revenue split. Some games have an amalgamation of certain types of membership, and payment is possible for others.

Either way, Google needs to invest heavily in infrastructure and content to crack gaming. “This is a public record that in 2019, Google will spend $ 13 billion in infrastructure and capital expenditure,” Harrison said. So this is a very important investment for the company.”

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When Google tested its service under Monikar Project Stream and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey at the end of last year, the company worked within an ideal framework of 25 megabits per second for 1080p / 60 frames per second for streaming. “In fact, we only use 20 megabits per second,” in an interview, Google VP Phil Harrison, who has been a veteran of the industry for a long time. Improvement in algorithm means that the company plans to launch around 30 megabits per second with a target of 4K / 60 frames per second.

what is google stadia

Google has dodged this issue in terms of overall usage, as well as what it means with data-caps, arguing that Internet service providers will increase the cap to accommodate consumers’ behavior.

The lowest resolution will be at Stadia 720p. Harrison also said that Google is working on “very clever technology” that will protect the progress of the game in the event of a sudden downgrade of the Internet.

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Harrison – A veteran of both Sony and Microsoft – explained that this was not a console launch. “This new generation of gaming is not a box,” he said, referring to the fetishization of console announcements. But Google compared a comparison of Stadia and its current generation competitors, pointing to the 10 teraflops GPU power compared to PS4 Pro’s 4.2 teraflops and 6 teraflops of Xbox One X.

In response to Stadia’s announcement, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer issued a memorandum to the Xbox employees, claiming that Google’s plans validate its approach to cloud gaming. Microsoft runs a subscription service called Xbox Game Pass, in which some games are available to download and launch. Sony’s service, PlayStation Plus, offers a download-and-play, for two months free of old games for free.

There is also a possibility of competition from the technical giants. Amazon is reportedly developing a game streaming service that can be launched in 2020, while Apple may unveil some gaming … thing in an event next week.

what is google stadia


So there is no box. But there is a controller.

The anonymous device looks and looks pretty standard, but it connects to the cloud via Wi-Fi. 

This allows players to stream gameplay using a specific button and asks the developer-guided help using the second button.


According to Google’s Stadia independence from the boundaries of Boxing Console will greatly increase multiplayer options. On his GDC pitch, the company talked about the Battle Royale game which included thousands of players instead of 100

There were also several split-screen windows for the couch co-op or online play, without any obvious latency issues or the lack of graphical quality.

Cloud-based multiplayer games at Stadia will also offer real-time, continuous world-changing events, such as synchronized destruction. If I blow a tower in an online game, then every other player sees this happen, and he flies.

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It was not a presentation about individual sports. Google said that it has sent development tools to more than one hundred companies, and invited more developers to apply for joining the effort.

From the id software, Marty Stratton announced the run of Doom eternal on Stadia, which is also being displayed in the GDC.


Former Zb Jade Raymond of Ubisoft and Electronic Arts announced that he is Stadia Games and Entertainment, a first-party publishing and development unit. He said that the company will also work with all sized publishers and developers to bring their games to Stadia, which will probably include financial incentives.

Google announced a technology partnership with key sports development engines such as Unreal, Integration, and Havok


A clean announcement was State Share, in which the player will be able to share a transferable, encoded representation of a moment in any game.

It is a clear advancement that important moments in the game are referred to and shared between users. This allows the game developers to turn the game’s moments into discrete, shareable links.

These codes of code are as accurate and transferable as any other link on the Internet.


Stadia is clearly designed with game players, allowing players to stand in line to play games with YouTubers (or YouTubing pals) live.

This is a new kind of online lobby, where the line stays until the viewer can turn up to start playing. After that, they play a match against or against the streamer they are watching.

When the match is over, the other viewer gets the chance to play. There is full control over YouTube, who plays, and who does not.


With the press of a button on Stadia Controller, I can tell Google Assistant that I’m having trouble. The assistant will automatically find out what game I’m stuck in and show me the most relevant YouTube video to help me through the tough section.

Google has planned to integrate Stadia into its core services. “This is part of your Google Account, so your Gmail account is effectively your login to Stadia,” said Harrison in an interview with Eurogamer.


Will Stadia feature VR games? “We have a lot of R & D, but there is nothing to share,” Harrison said in an interview with CNet.

Google’s presentation was fixed within an hour, okay, with almost any drone, we expect hardware announcements. It was concise and efficient, and it actively activated the sports industry, which is in dire need of a new model.

This year, undoubtedly, Google is about invading gaming. To see the GDC presentation, the reality will be as smooth.

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