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If you want to post a guest on our website “”, so that others can get help, then you can add your information as a guest post in our blog, “”. If you have fewer information about the guest post, or if you are new to this field then first read this post: – What is Guest Post? How to Guest Post Full Post Information Our aim from guest posts is to help others only. Which can help more and more people. If you help someone, you will feel better, and this will help you too.

 How should the post be? 


1) Your post  should be absolutely  unique .  Must not be copied from any website or blog  .  Must be a  new post , written by yourself 


2) The post must have at least  700 words. The longer the post, the more profit you get. 


3) The post is written so that the reader can easily understand. 


4) There must be at least 1 photo in the post. 


5) The post should be informative and knowledgeable. 


6) Your post  should be in English/ Hindi 


7) Guest are through the post you create your identity,  quality (Quality)  to take into account. 


8) Do not publish the post you wrote, do not publish it again on your blog or anywhere else. Your post should not be published in any other blog, as well as in your blog. 


9) Your post should not contain Spelling Mistakes. So before posting us a post, you must read it at least 2 times yourself. 


10) The photo that will be posted in the post should not be downloaded or copied from anywhere. The photo should have been made by itself. 

 Why do a guest post in ? 


1) that SEO is good. Therefore, you will get good traffic with the help of your guest post.


2) You will get a High-Quality Backlink, which will increase traffic to your blog. 


3) Your blog’s name, URL, your name will be in the guest post. From which our viewers will visit your blog. And you will also get good traffic. 


4) Others will get good and useful information from your post, so you will be happy that you have helped somebody. 

 Which topic do guest posts do? 


1) Information related to technology.


2) Tips and Tricks about  Social Media


3) Tips and tricks about computers, mobile, internet, android, windows. 


4) Tips and tricks about the exam. 


5) Technical information and tips for women’s safety. 


6) Any information related to E-Governance. 


7) Computer software or hardware related information. 


8) Computer programming such as:  – MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Corel Draw, PageMaker, Tally, Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, etc. That information and tips and tricks 


9) Smartphone and Android and iOS tips and tricks. 


 Apart from this, you can send us any technical information related to technical, even if it is related to any field. 
This information can be related to education, business, science, blogging, women, children, medicine, etc. 
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 Terms & Conditions 


1) After posting on our website, you can not send or publish that post on any other website or blog. 


2) Not even on your blog or website 


3) There should not be any posts related to Hack, Crack, or Hacking. 


4) There should be no information in the post unlawful or illegal. 


5) The post that title should not be copied by anyone. 


6) Any change in your post can be done if needed. 


7) The post should contain the image itself. Should not be downloaded or copied from anywhere. 


8) Photos can be added to your post as needed. 


9) Make Short Intro about yourself and your blog in the last post. Such as: – What name, blog name, URL, blog are on which topic, email ID, etc. 

 How to send or submit a guest post? 


1) You can post your post to MS Word, Notepad, Etc. Write on. 


2) You can send us your post by attachment in E-Mail. 


3) You can mail us attaching your post to


4) After sending, you  must inform us on the  Facebook page with your name, blog name, URL.


5) You can comment on any other type of information related to the guest post